Jacqueline Kirkham Studios is the creative hub of Jacqueline Kirkham.   She offers professional photography to the highest standard across the full range from weddings, portraits, actor head shots to commercial work.  She is considered a pioneer in digital artwork.  Something she embarked on as early as the millennium, her work is sought after for its clean design, minimum fuss and high impact quality and is on displayed by her clients in the far corners of the world including Australia, USA, Spain, France and South Africa.  She has travelled with her work abroad and London but also likes to work a lot locally in her home town of Liverpool and is happiest at her cottage studio.  She is available to undertake any aspect of photographic work throughout the whole of the North West area but with her camera she is prepared to travel anywhere and has her passport  ready.

In 2014 Jacqueline expanded her photographic business to incorporate film production and moved into professional cinematography this becoming another string to her bow.  The studios first full length feature film: “Following The Wicca Man” has successfully been completed and is available for purchase.  Following the success of that film further films are in the pipe line. She has also received commissions for Music videos and is happy to extend her services for corporate training and any type of marketing films.

Her online portfolio is available here for you to see (please follow the menu).

Jacqueline is a true professional at all times and loves all aspects of camera work.  She is looking forward to capturing great images, still or moving for you!

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